Koya Bar

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I woke up with a craving for a Japanese breakfast.  I don’t even know what they Japanese typically eat for breakfast but figured it was something I needed.  After spending a while searching for where one can find a Japanese restaurant and the same amount of time finding a partner in crime we arrived here way beyond the breakfast cut off time!  Guess it’s the thought that counts 🙂 So skipping breakfast and straight onto lunch to start the day we stuck pretty much to a selection of daily specials:Grilled girolles with Onsen Tamago and nettle – poached egg… almost like breakfast – winner!Turbot sashimi with […]


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I’m forever walking past Bao with no time to queue and telling myself I must come back soon.  2 years later I made it!!  Luckily only had to queue for a fraction of the time anticipated so forced to down our drinks we strategically purchased from the pub next door sharpish.I’ve had buns from a few places now and they never seem to disappoint.  Bao’s however do stand out from the crowd.  So soft with a selection of tasty fillings.  It was late on so we didn’t really have the appetite to try too many as we wanted to sample a couple of sides too. […]


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I’m running 15 mins late but not bothered as a friend is there on time so she can wait in line already. That sounds really bad and its not what I meant to happen honest! But it did… and I apologised loads so we’re all good. However what I didn’t expect was the wait would be more like an hour… now what? I’m starving, but so curious to try this place… screw it… we’re waiting! And actually its not so stressful as you can run off to grab a coffee and they’ll message on your mobile. The food is absolutely amazing, my co-diner will eat […]

Imli Street

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Miso Underwhelmed and spoken to in a slightly condescending manner Yes… I’m writing this review backwards as I fear its just going to end up in a bit of a rant and people will switch off. All in all the food was ok. Ever so toned down to make it more palatable by the masses. Think style over substance. We were here in a group of 8 or so for a Diwali dinner. As part of the Tamarind group my expectations were perhaps running a bit too high. I ordered for the whole table (love doing that!). For appetisers went for Papdi Chaat, Samosas, Tilapia […]

Bone Daddies

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Bone Daddies has been on my “to eat” list for quite a while. I’m now kicking myself for not visiting sooner! Popped in on a Saturday late afternoon so wasn’t so busy and tried the special of the day – Niboshi Ramen. The broth is a mixture of the 20 hour Tonkotsu pork bone and an anchovy broth. Quite clearly the most flavoursome ramen I’ve had in a long time and the pork was so tender it literally melted. Very rich and loaded with umami. Will most definitely be back here to try more of the menu. Miso satisfied. Bone Daddies 31 St. Peter Street […]