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You’re going to think the only streetfood I eat is pizza but it’s just a coincidence the second streetfood post is another pizza van I assure you. Actually I did plan on posting about a jerk chicken thing and something else but they were so mediocre I just couldn’t be inspired to write anything. When it comes to streetfood there is going to be a slight bias towards things I recommend only here. And I can wholeheartedly recommend Wandercrust. I was lucky to chance upon the van Broadgate a couple of days ago. Very lucky as they appear to be based closer to SE10. The […]

Sud Italia

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This should be the first in a series of reviews on London streetfood. Unless you’re trawling through twitter or on a dozen e-mail lists about London Pop-Ups it can be a bit hit and miss. Luckily Miso inbox sorts out the spam from the quality cuts in gmail so you don’t have to. My lunchtime snack today is pizza from Sud Italia located in Spitalfields Market. You can find them here every weekday. Their van houses a mobile wood-fired oven cooking up authentic Neapolitan style pizza at very reasonable prices. I went for the Nduja for a bit of a spicy kick at £7. Miso […]


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Well I didn’t really feel a buzz in pizzabuzz to be honest apart from the funky soundtrack playing. The decor is clinical and uninviting. As nice as the concept of creating your own pizza is, it’s hardly a revelation of concepts. Rather than get too excited about it I found myself weighing up the pros and cons of paying £1.50 for artichoke or £1 for red onion. Finding an arbitrage in pizza ingredient prices shouldn’t be the way to construct it but that’s what happened. I opted for a tomato base with Buffalo mozzarella, Nduja and the aforementioned artichoke (I’m sorry but I’m not paying […]