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It’s freezing cold and there’s a queue outside but the promise of amazing pasta is well worth it. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long as we are only 2 people and a few people ahead of us are waiting for larger tables. To make comfort of the situation we are allowed to order a glass of wine in the queue too! We pray we won’t be seated right next to the door as we see 2 diners finishing up whilst we wait as we don’t want to sit in a draft. Luckily we are seated in what I consider to be the best […]

Carbonara Off!!!

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I’m not quite sure how it happened but Miso accidentally challenged an Italian he could cook a better Carbonara than them. What I failed to mention was I’d not actually cooked a Carbonara in years but felt pretty confident I could take them on at their own game 🙂 … I didn’t know he’d turn up at my house with a film crew and put it on youtube though! With around 5 Italians in the room there was only 1 argument about proper Carbonara procedure which is pretty good going. I’ve been informed there should have been 5 arguments. As with most Italian dishes, the […]