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You’re going to think the only streetfood I eat is pizza but it’s just a coincidence the second streetfood post is another pizza van I assure you. Actually I did plan on posting about a jerk chicken thing and something else but they were so mediocre I just couldn’t be inspired to write anything. When it comes to streetfood there is going to be a slight bias towards things I recommend only here. And I can wholeheartedly recommend Wandercrust. I was lucky to chance upon the van Broadgate a couple of days ago. Very lucky as they appear to be based closer to SE10. The […]

Sud Italia

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This should be the first in a series of reviews on London streetfood. Unless you’re trawling through twitter or on a dozen e-mail lists about London Pop-Ups it can be a bit hit and miss. Luckily Miso inbox sorts out the spam from the quality cuts in gmail so you don’t have to. My lunchtime snack today is pizza from Sud Italia located in Spitalfields Market. You can find them here every weekday. Their van houses a mobile wood-fired oven cooking up authentic Neapolitan style pizza at very reasonable prices. I went for the Nduja for a bit of a spicy kick at £7. Miso […]


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It’s freezing cold and there’s a queue outside but the promise of amazing pasta is well worth it. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long as we are only 2 people and a few people ahead of us are waiting for larger tables. To make comfort of the situation we are allowed to order a glass of wine in the queue too! We pray we won’t be seated right next to the door as we see 2 diners finishing up whilst we wait as we don’t want to sit in a draft. Luckily we are seated in what I consider to be the best […]

San Carlo Cicchetti

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UPDATE — SEPT 18TH — I’m back!! And this time we discover the most amazing scallops in London! Served with a shaving of truffle. We order a different pasta this time and a Parmigiana. This place will be high on the list for a while. ORIGINAL POST – AUG 10TH — I didn’t know cicchetti are the Italian version of tapas but it was absolutely perfect as we were in the mood for something Italian but not overly hungry. There was an amazing buzz about the restaurant and we just felt excited about eating what was promising to be some authentic Italian cooking.  Next us […]


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Pulia with an invisible ‘g’ was sadly a let down.  I chose the restaurant because of the stellar reviews on both this site and Google but it would appear I don’t share the same opinion as most of the 5 star reviewers who have only ever reviewed one restaurant in their life.The interior was open, airy, nicely lit and had an array of ingredients available to purchase so was happy with the comfortable setting.  The menu was limited which is normally a good thing but nothing really leaped out at me so found it a struggle.  In the end we started with some Apulian olives […]

Carbonara Off!!!

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I’m not quite sure how it happened but Miso accidentally challenged an Italian he could cook a better Carbonara than them. What I failed to mention was I’d not actually cooked a Carbonara in years but felt pretty confident I could take them on at their own game 🙂 … I didn’t know he’d turn up at my house with a film crew and put it on youtube though! With around 5 Italians in the room there was only 1 argument about proper Carbonara procedure which is pretty good going. I’ve been informed there should have been 5 arguments. As with most Italian dishes, the […]