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OK! Miso Hungry is back a day before a new year’s resolution was due to begin! It’s been a while since posting… like 2 years but happy to say Tacqueria has inspired me not only to post a review but to resurrect my entire food blog. It’s not easy to find a good taco in London. I’d probably say there are a handful of places but after a recommendation from a friend from West Coast (they probably take it more seriously than Mexicans) I had to give this a try. I’d have love to stay longer and next time I will to sample more of […]


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You’re going to think the only streetfood I eat is pizza but it’s just a coincidence the second streetfood post is another pizza van I assure you. Actually I did plan on posting about a jerk chicken thing and something else but they were so mediocre I just couldn’t be inspired to write anything. When it comes to streetfood there is going to be a slight bias towards things I recommend only here. And I can wholeheartedly recommend Wandercrust. I was lucky to chance upon the van Broadgate a couple of days ago. Very lucky as they appear to be based closer to SE10. The […]

Sud Italia

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This should be the first in a series of reviews on London streetfood. Unless you’re trawling through twitter or on a dozen e-mail lists about London Pop-Ups it can be a bit hit and miss. Luckily Miso inbox sorts out the spam from the quality cuts in gmail so you don’t have to. My lunchtime snack today is pizza from Sud Italia located in Spitalfields Market. You can find them here every weekday. Their van houses a mobile wood-fired oven cooking up authentic Neapolitan style pizza at very reasonable prices. I went for the Nduja for a bit of a spicy kick at £7. Miso […]

Piebury Corner

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It’s pies and craft beer…. winning formula! I’d like to say I was here on the way to watch a football game but the reason for being in the area was to look at vintage furniture… the pie saved my life! We went for a “Theirry Henry – Venison and red wine” and a “Charlie Nicholas – Scotch Pie”. I washed mine down with a can of Beavertown Neck Oil but I’d rather a can of vintage Tennents (pictured) if they were still in production. The pies themselves had a good pastry and rich with filling. Miso satisfied. Piebury Corner 209-211 Holloway Road Holloway London […]

Baozi Inn

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You don’ t seem to be able to see the full menu on zomato which is a shame because the dish descriptions are fantastic.  From “magnificent seasoning”, “refreshing garlic”, “slippery fungus” to simply “irresistible”.   I thought the place was famous for bao judging from the name so we had to give that a go.  In addition we ordered spicy wood ear mushrooms, a kelp and bean noodle salad and spicy wanton dumplings.I expect sichuan cuisine to be fiery hot so the mushrooms and dumplings seemed a bit on the bland side but very tasty nonetheless.  The bao was a bit of a disappointment especially […]


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I’d ventured into Wembley (a small outpost of India in north London) to meet family shopping for clothes for an Indian wedding.  Unfortunately I missed the shopping part but was in time for lunch.  Where better than to sample the tried and trusted chain of Sakonis. I did a recon of the buffet table but opted to order a selection of South Indian dishes for us all to share.  I’ve never been a fan of ordering chinese in an Indian restaurant so tend to avoid that bit. We chose khandvi, pani puri, dahi wada and a masala dosa which was just about the right amount. […]

Bar Polski

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We stumbled upon this place using the handy draw a circle on map feature in Zomato…. and what a great find!! It’s hidden away in a tiny alley that is almost hidden itself… I would have never have thought to look. We just wanted a quick decent bite and a quick drink so no time to sample the vodka menu on this occasion. I ordered pierogi (polish ravioli for the uninitiated) and my dining partner ordered a barszcz (beetroot soup). Very reasonably priced and very tasty. Washed down nicely with an unpasturised Polish beer I’d never heard of. Miso pleasantly surprised. Bar Polski 11 Little […]


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I’m forever walking past Bao with no time to queue and telling myself I must come back soon.  2 years later I made it!!  Luckily only had to queue for a fraction of the time anticipated so forced to down our drinks we strategically purchased from the pub next door sharpish.I’ve had buns from a few places now and they never seem to disappoint.  Bao’s however do stand out from the crowd.  So soft with a selection of tasty fillings.  It was late on so we didn’t really have the appetite to try too many as we wanted to sample a couple of sides too. […]

Lahore Kebab House

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Finally made it here!  It’s been on the radar for so long but last night totally hit me to come here after a preview at Whitechapel Art Gallery.  It’s reassuringly busy and the windows into the bustling kitchen is a great touch.  Highlights of the meal were the starters we ordered of tandoori lamb chops and chicken wings which were outstanding.  Well spiced and extremely tender.  Judging by the temperature they must have been whisked from the grill to our table in less than a minute.  Miso satisfied Lahore Kebab House 2-10 Umberston Street Whitechapel London E1 1PY


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This is the best Cambodian restaurant I’ve been to in London…. it also happens to be the worst Cambodian restaurant I’ve been to in London. I have travelled to Cambodia before but its been quite a long time so can’t really remember what I ate. My best food refs would come from a recipe book I own by Rick Stein… I spot only a couple of authentically Cambodian dishes on the menu, namely the Lok Lak Beef and Fish Amok. Our set menu contained the beef dish. But for the rest we received a plate of what could only be described as generic Asian starters; […]