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It’s freezing cold and there’s a queue outside but the promise of amazing pasta is well worth it. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long as we are only 2 people and a few people ahead of us are waiting for larger tables. To make comfort of the situation we are allowed to order a glass of wine in the queue too! We pray we won’t be seated right next to the door as we see 2 diners finishing up whilst we wait as we don’t want to sit in a draft. Luckily we are seated in what I consider to be the best […]


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Pulia with an invisible ‘g’ was sadly a let down.  I chose the restaurant because of the stellar reviews on both this site and Google but it would appear I don’t share the same opinion as most of the 5 star reviewers who have only ever reviewed one restaurant in their life.The interior was open, airy, nicely lit and had an array of ingredients available to purchase so was happy with the comfortable setting.  The menu was limited which is normally a good thing but nothing really leaped out at me so found it a struggle.  In the end we started with some Apulian olives […]