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Well I didn't really feel a buzz in pizzabuzz to be honest apart from the funky soundtrack playing. The decor is clinical and uninviting. As nice as the concept of creating your own pizza is, it's hardly a revelation of concepts. Rather than get too excited about it I found myself weighing up the pros and cons of paying £1.50 for artichoke or £1 for red onion. Finding an arbitrage in pizza ingredient prices shouldn't be the way to construct it but that's what happened. I opted for a tomato base with Buffalo mozzarella, Nduja and the aforementioned artichoke (I'm sorry but I'm not paying a quid for 5p worth of onion!). Same with the option of chili flakes at 50p... Surprised the didn't charge for the black pepper. The pizza arrived within a few mins and was served piping hot! ... They almost redeemed themselves by that alone... I hate it when a pizza gets left to the side cooling down before a server has a chance to bring it over... Miso a tight b@stard today!


2B Worship Street
City of London

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