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I really wish my phone hadn't died so I could back up the following claims with photographic evidence. I also wish I had the foresight to have some sort of hidden voice recorder on my person as the verbal onslaught was incredible. But anyways, it was a bit late and a bit of sustenance was in order so we stumbled into this place. I didn't think I'd really be in danger of eating something too far off what I'd consider a reasonable Turkish kebab but alas I could be no further from it. This was undeniably the worst chicken shoarma wrap that I've ever been subjected to. I was slapping my phone to try to get it to switch on for a single shot so I could share a picture of the cross section of this "kebab". If a lettuce wrap is more your thing then you would really be in heaven. Even then you'd be wandering why you are subjected to the blandest varieties of lettuce, i.e. iceberg, wet at that. So imagine 90% lettuce and 10% mystery meat. That is Pera's "definition" of a good kebab. I had kind of cut my losses mentally and willing to leave it at that but foolishly I thought I'd ask for a bit of chilli sauce to make the remainder palatable in the slightest. This was also a mistake, the owner (or who claimed to be) proceeded to make an ice cream shaped pile of chilli sauce on the end of my kebab wrap. It was probably bland enough not to cause any serious untoward issues but not exactly what I had in mind. At this point I really had no choice but to demand my money back which was not awarded due to the fact that I had consumed 40% of the lettuce monstrosity. My hard negotiations got me a half a refund in the end... which in itself is bizarre.. either give me the money back or tell me to f*ck off... no you "half" have a point in that we are really sh*t! Suffice to say I will not be following up this review with any other menu items. I've never been anywhere where they treat customers with this level of disdain and the food is absolutely abysmal. Miso famished as I threw the rest away!

NB: I got a bit paranoid that is was just me so I scoured the internet for a bit more info. Each website seems to have a single good review and then nothing further. This also rings a few alarm bells that they are placed in order to raise ratings.


148 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JE

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