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UPDATE-- 18th Nov 2016

It's been about a year and a half since I was last here but the last time was brunch. This time I'm here for dinner and in a big birthday group. Hotbox very accommodating to group dining and don't mind us being a little rowdy and getting balloons everywhere! Half of us order for themselves but ever willing to share I manage to talk a friend next to me to order together 🙂 We start with smoked bone marrow and follow it up with beef short rib. For sides we can't resist a bit of mac 'n' cheese. I'm so glad we shared. The portions are massive! Miso full!!

ORIGINAL REVIEW-- 2nd March 2015

Well it's been a while since I wrote a review but back on Zomato now. I was invited to HotBox for Sunday brunch last minute by a friend. We were very lucky to get a table last minute without waiting too long and shortly afterwards folks were being told there is a 2 hour wait. (bookings not possible for groups of less than 6). So we were thrilled to have just managed to get a table.

I was immediately attracted to the £25 brunch (all you can drink!) menu, but after mentally re-arranging the rest of my Sunday to accommodate the time it would take to "drink" the restaurant out of business I decided it wasn't feasible (this time).

We ordered a mixture of different dishes to try to get a taste of as much as possible. The dishes looked fantastic however the taste test was a bit of a letdown: As the place is a BBQ restaurant I felt compelled to order something on the meatier side on the menu so settled for Skillet Smoked Meat Hash, a mixture of different meats, potatoes and a fried egg served in a skillet. I was expecting the meat to be supremely tender and moist but it wasn't exactly the case. Maybe its a process of the cooking but I found it a tad dry. Food arriving to the table in a skillet I expect to be piping hot and dangerous to touch, in this case it seemed more like it was for show. The beef rib tacos one of my friends ordered also arrived cold. Other dishes we ordered were the Huevos Rancheros and Truffle Egg Toast. For me the Truffle Egg Toast (containing no meat) was the winner... but if being picky then the asparagus was slightly overdone.

On the drinks side of the menu, you can't go wrong with a classic Bloody Mary. We also ventured to the Smoked version with Bourbon base but weren't really fans of that.. I stick to the classic! Point to note for the designated driver ordering a Virgin Mary - it costs the same as any other (£9), making it the most expensive tomato juice in London!

This is a lively place with a cool crowd. Gave the restaurant and extra half point for service (if not evident from the total score!). However at the end of the day its more style over substance. Miso underwhelmed.


46 Commercial Street
E1 6LT

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