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What an overrated hipster waste of space! I walk past here all the time and it's been on my list after all the rave reviews I've read, major publicity and I noticed there's now another branch open in Covent Garden. This had raised expectations a bit too far out of control it would seem. We ordered a sour each first of all and for whatever reason they arrived a good 15 mins apart. Not a major issue but all things tend to multiply when added together (that makes no sense but you kind of see what I mean!). Both my dining partner and myself are very picky about wings and few places can match our expectations but we did think a restaurant who's sole purpose (except getting people drunk) in Dalston is to serve fried chicken should be of a high standard. We couldn't be further from the truth. We ordered the "hot" wings and were recommended a blue cheese dip with that. Naturally I'm expecting a spicy tangy Buffalo style wing. When they arrive I'm absolutely convinced they'd made an error... not on purpose mind but mistakes do happen and I give them the benefit of doubt, in this case there must have been a mix up because they taste sweet! Two waiters advise these really are the "hot" wings and they're not designed to blow your head off (why the f*** not I think to myself?!). Next up is the KFC bun (Korean Fried Chicken.. not from the Colonel). Happy to report it was good. Very good. And massive... glad we just ordered one to share. Along with that we ordered a side of cooling cucumbers which were very pleasant and a portion of fries.

On requesting the bill we notice a couple of things had found their way on which we naively assumed came with the meal. Namely the blue cheese sauce (£1.50) and the mayonnaise (£0.50). It's more of an annoyance than anything else but the justification was comical when we called them on it. The waiter's description of the mayonnaise made it seem 50p was an absolute bargain because it was "8-hour homemade Japanese mayonnaise". Who the f*** takes 8 hours to blend some egg yolks, oil and vinegar together?? Seriously! It tasted of Hellman's but in the name of science Miso investigated the origins of Japanese mayonaise and found the following:

Japanese style mayonnaise, commonly known to the Japanese as "Kewpie" mayonnaise after their most famous brand that's been producing it since 1925. You can purchase it at the Japanese Centre if you don't have 8 hours to kill. Or I found a brilliant recipe to make it at home in 10 minutes here. The notable difference between regular mayonnaise and Japanese style mayonnaise seems basically to be the use of rice wine vinegar, dashi and inclusion of MSG. Miso not taking any bullsh*t story from the waiter!

Chick 'n Sours

390 Kingsland Road
E8 2AA

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