Carbonara Off!!!

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I’m not quite sure how it happened but Miso accidentally challenged an Italian he could cook a better Carbonara than them. What I failed to mention was I’d not actually cooked a Carbonara in years but felt pretty confident I could take them on at their own game 🙂 … I didn’t know he’d turn up at my house with a film crew and put it on youtube though! With around 5 Italians in the room there was only 1 argument about proper Carbonara procedure which is pretty good going. I’ve been informed there should have been 5 arguments.

As with most Italian dishes, the choice of a small number of high quality ingredients and method is going to ensure success. After some in-depth research, my recipe consists of the following:

  • Pasta choice – Good quality spaghetti (I remember reading a while back the fresh stuff we find in supermarkets is not as good as a dried one)
  • Meat – Guanciale cut into very small strips (a fatty cut from the neck), any other choice is a no no.
  • Sauce – Half whole egg and the rest egg yolks (my first attempt I just used egg yolk, I found this was optimum).
  • Cheese – Finely grated Pecorino Romano.
  • The main challenge of the dish is to get the cheese to combine with the eggs and reserve pasta water to form a sauce. Temperature control also plays a massive part, too cold and the eggs will be raw, too warm and you’ll be eating pasta with scrambled egg. I managed to nail it. Miso mama would have been proud of me!

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