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Hmmm... whilst I wasn't shy to visit the restaurant, I think I'm more nervous being the first to write about it on Zomato!  I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-open of Seb Lyall's new "clothing-optional" restaurant.  Before its opening the concept had received much press with reports of over 30k on the waiting list.  It seemed like hype and I'd already dismissed it until I had the option of skipping the line to try it out... err sure I'm in!!!

I didn't know what to expect and that was half the beauty of it so will try not to give too much away here although I'm sure someone has spilt the beans on the internet somewhere.   It was advised to arrive around 45 mins before our allocated booking time to change into our robes and grab a drink in the foyer.  At this point it felt more like you're in a luxury spa rather than waiting in line to get food.

When seated at our table we are free to be liberated from our robes.  The room is quite dimly candlelit and not open plan so as to make it more comfortable.  I found this a bit of a hinderance to showing off my imaginary six-pack and my co-diners just had to take my word for it.

The food itself was an interesting blend of raw ingredients.  I believe no electricity is allowed in the kitchen and when I tried to catch them out with something that clearly required a blender was told they have a cycle-blender... err what's that? ... some guy cycling with a blender attached to the back 🙂  ... even if not to check each other out a bit extra light would have been nice to see a bit more clearly what was on the plate.  

After dinner we were invited back to the bar to have a drink before leaving and we felt pretty comfortable without our robes that it seemed a shame to have to put them back on!  After dispelling my initial aprehensions I'd definitely recommend a visit.  Miso hot in here!

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