Baozi Inn

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You don' t seem to be able to see the full menu on zomato which is a shame because the dish descriptions are fantastic.  From "magnificent seasoning", "refreshing garlic", "slippery fungus" to simply "irresistible".   I thought the place was famous for bao judging from the name so we had to give that a go.  In addition we ordered spicy wood ear mushrooms, a kelp and bean noodle salad and spicy wanton dumplings.

I expect sichuan cuisine to be fiery hot so the mushrooms and dumplings seemed a bit on the bland side but very tasty nonetheless.  The bao was a bit of a disappointment especially considering it's their signature dish (?).  It was very generous in size but the dough was rather on the dry chewy side and the filling (special of the day) I tried to eloquently describe as a combination of pork, liver and onion perhaps was summed up by my co-diner as "catfood".  I'm sure it wasn't of course but it was a bit unidentifiable, lacked any magnificent seasoning and was quite fatty.  Miso happy we only ordered 1 bao!

Baozi Inn

25 Newport Court

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