José Tapas Bar

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Finally made it back here for a quick bite of tapas late on a bank holiday Monday.  Had been out all day in the sun so all we needed was something very relaxed with minimal fuss so this was ideal. Luckily it wasn’t so busy so only had to wait a short while for a couple of stools with a glass of house red in hand. Once seated we still weren’t ready as we basically wanted everything on the menu… guess we were more hungry than we initially anticipated.  I ordered some padron peppers and pan con tomate to keep hunger at bay.  They arrived […]

Baozi Inn

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You don’ t seem to be able to see the full menu on zomato which is a shame because the dish descriptions are fantastic.  From “magnificent seasoning”, “refreshing garlic”, “slippery fungus” to simply “irresistible”.   I thought the place was famous for bao judging from the name so we had to give that a go.  In addition we ordered spicy wood ear mushrooms, a kelp and bean noodle salad and spicy wanton dumplings.I expect sichuan cuisine to be fiery hot so the mushrooms and dumplings seemed a bit on the bland side but very tasty nonetheless.  The bao was a bit of a disappointment especially […]


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I’d ventured into Wembley (a small outpost of India in north London) to meet family shopping for clothes for an Indian wedding.  Unfortunately I missed the shopping part but was in time for lunch.  Where better than to sample the tried and trusted chain of Sakonis. I did a recon of the buffet table but opted to order a selection of South Indian dishes for us all to share.  I’ve never been a fan of ordering chinese in an Indian restaurant so tend to avoid that bit. We chose khandvi, pani puri, dahi wada and a masala dosa which was just about the right amount. […]


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Pulia with an invisible ‘g’ was sadly a let down.  I chose the restaurant because of the stellar reviews on both this site and Google but it would appear I don’t share the same opinion as most of the 5 star reviewers who have only ever reviewed one restaurant in their life.The interior was open, airy, nicely lit and had an array of ingredients available to purchase so was happy with the comfortable setting.  The menu was limited which is normally a good thing but nothing really leaped out at me so found it a struggle.  In the end we started with some Apulian olives […]