The Gate

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I do feel for the vegetarian/vegan who likes to eat exciting food but aren’t adequately catered for in London’s top restaurants a lot of the time so I see the appeal of places like The Gate filling this void. Although not a vegetarian myself I often find myself dining with friends with various levels of complex dietary requirements who simply are left with very little choice on the menu once the nuts, gluten, dairy and whatever else is taken out. Sadly though it seems the customer is exploited by simple supply and demand as the restaurant is full of people craving a full vegetarian menu […]


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I’m running 15 mins late but not bothered as a friend is there on time so she can wait in line already. That sounds really bad and its not what I meant to happen honest! But it did… and I apologised loads so we’re all good. However what I didn’t expect was the wait would be more like an hour… now what? I’m starving, but so curious to try this place… screw it… we’re waiting! And actually its not so stressful as you can run off to grab a coffee and they’ll message on your mobile. The food is absolutely amazing, my co-diner will eat […]