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Well I didn’t really feel a buzz in pizzabuzz to be honest apart from the funky soundtrack playing. The decor is clinical and uninviting. As nice as the concept of creating your own pizza is, it’s hardly a revelation of concepts. Rather than get too excited about it I found myself weighing up the pros and cons of paying £1.50 for artichoke or £1 for red onion. Finding an arbitrage in pizza ingredient prices shouldn’t be the way to construct it but that’s what happened. I opted for a tomato base with Buffalo mozzarella, Nduja and the aforementioned artichoke (I’m sorry but I’m not paying […]

Sichuan Folk

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I did warn my co-diners this would be spicy. Most understood me but a couple didn’t really heed my warning… I think they will next time! You leave Sichuan Folk with a very satisfying chilli induced endorphin hit. And a sometimes worrying temporary lack of sensation in you tongue from the tongue numbing Sichuan peppers. We sampled wood ear mushrooms with Sichuan peppers, chicken in spicy tongue numbing sauce, sliced whelks, little duck things in steamed bun, green beans with spicy minced pork and my favourite the boiled fish in ridiculously spicy broth. Miso high on chillies!! Sichuan Folk 32 Hanbury Street Brick Lane London […]

White Rabbit

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This ended up being our local brunch place of choice on Saturday and we were quite pleased we chose it. I’m always a fan of sharing plates as I like sampling as much as possible too. Between 4 of us 7 plates was the perfect amount and happened to be 1 of everything on the brunch menu! A brunch review would be complete without a comment on the quality of their Bloody Mary’s so had to get one in the name of research… It packed a sharp spicy punch. Nice! Will definitely be back here and pricewise quite reasonably at 20 GBP per head roughly. […]